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Our services

Digital Strategy / Transformation

We craft a plan to transform your business activities, processes and competencies to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and your impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.

Brand Strategy / Development

We design a plan for the development of your brand in order to achieve specific goals successfully. First, let’s clear up the biggest misconception about brand strategy: Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name!

Digitally Enhanced Experience

Crafting on-location inclusive visitor/customer experiences with interactive digital technologies using augmented reality (AR), mixed/virtual reality (VR), NFC, RFID, BLE beacons, motion recognition, touch screens, projection and more is providing endless possibilities for immersive experiences.

Game Design / Gamification

Game Design is critical to successful Gamification, how to create fun and rewarding gamified experiences anywhere possible. we apply our experience and understanding of Game Mechanics to any project.

Product Design / Development

From concept, design, production and distribution, we take your product through the full product lifecycle for successful delivery on time and on budget.

Entrepreneur / Startup Mentoring

After 20+ years as entrepreneurs, we will bring our experience, tools, tips and industry contacts to support and encourage you remain focused on what is important for success.